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What is Opinion About Safety Crystal X

Best wishes for all of us. talking about the opinion certainly will not be separated from what is called a fact, because of the emergence of opinion is the impact of facts that may be questionable or doubtful. For one example, now, some communities has opinion about herbal products. Some person believe that herbal products have better benefits and also has a higher security level than synthetic chemical products. But there are some person still have an opinion which is not believe in the safety and efficacy of herbal products. Well, this difference of opinion need to be straightened and given a detailed explanation to avoid generating false opinions that consume on public.

Associated with this opinion, herbal product made by PT NASA under the trade name Crystal X for woman also being opinion target. Some believed this herbal have good benefits to solve the problem of femininity, it is also safe to use. Is it true that such opinion? whether there are facts to support the truth of that opinion? Let us refer to the following explanation.


According to Capasso et al (2003), a statement that herbal medicine is a relatively safe and effective. On the other hand, there is the view that everything that "natural" is good and harmless, contrary to conventional medicine. The use of herbal medicines by millions of people since prehistoric times is the aspect confirmed by the herbalist. Another thing, to the safety reputation of herbal medicine is herbal medicine provide a better healing response than pathological conditions, this is because the herb has a complex chemical composition. It has also been concluded that the herbal medicine does not give any side effects. Perhaps because herbal medicines are not as effective as conventional drugs.
about health opinion crystal x

From the statement of the results of the study mentioned above, it can be a conclude which is true that herbal medicine has a good performance without the side effects so it is safe to use. But, there is still no explanation of any aspects that support the statement, and these will be discussed and needed to determines herbal medicine for safety to use. Now, we will prove that the herbal product crystal x is also herbal that safe to use.

There are aspects of safety product, among other :

a. Quality Of Used Plants and Truth Simplisia

Herbal products can be produced from one part of the plant. Therefore, to make a quality product and have the safety that can be accounted for, the quality of the selected plants have to be prioritised. Moreover, the process of collecting plant materials have to passed the microscopic or macroscopic analysis method, and the parts of the plant, which then made into a crude drug dosage to be used, must also meet the quality standard parameters, among others:

· as pharmaceutical ingredients, botanicals must have common parameters include: Truth kinds of crude drugs, purity, stabilization (storage)

· as material and human consumption products, crude drugs must have quality paradigm-safe-benefits

· as a material with a chemical content that is highly responsible for the biological response, bulbs should have a composition information (along with the type of content) of each compound content.

Crystal x made by natural source including of Piper betle, red algae, aloe vera, potassium alum sulfide, and water. Each content has been used as drug for years, so that those have not a undesirable effect. In addition, simplisia of each content has been harvest with high quality process, then analyze on Laboratory. It means the crystal x has a high quality of simplisia.

b. Pass the Test Of Toxicity
An herbal products should ideally be able to eliminate the symptoms or can eliminate medical disorders and may reduce pain. However, at therapeutic doses, may not result in the appearance of unwanted effects (side effects), so that from this explanation, it is important to test toxicity of herbal medicine first.

Crystal x products, has obtained a marketing authorization from POM, proven from the enactment of BPOM permit number that is with POM NA number 18151600018. It certainly shows that through BPOM, the product already passes the clinical trials including toxicity tests and so forth. Obviously from the description, it can be ascertained that the crystal x safe for use by the public.

c. Pass the Test Of Efficacy

The benefits and effectiveness of herbal medicine is one of the things that should be considered to make herbal products be quality and safe. These benefits should be tested through specific biological test, and the complexity of the content must also be tested clinically crystal x and the product is believed safe due to the issuance number of POM, proved that these products have passed the clinical trials, including toxicity and efficacy.

Aside from the three aspects that determine the safety of the x crystal products, there is one aspect as the most important keys that determine the safety of a product, what is it?


Herbal product safety means nothing if no HALAL logo on the packaging. Why? because in Indonesia, the majority of people who are Mosleem would use products that are not only medically safe, but religiously permissible. And because these products have been rolled to various countries, is of course expected to reach all levels of society. And the happy news, product Crystal X has been present with the halal logo issued by MUI (Indonesian Ulema Council).

e. The Key of Crystal X safety is ...... .You !!

What is wrong with you? Because basically the use of herbal products are closely related between the user and the safety of herbal products. 4T + 1H principle, namely the Right of Use, User Right, Right Dose, Right herbal medicine, and The Side Effects Alert the main thing to keep in mind.

crystal x cleansing herbal
The side effects have been described previously that the product crystal x is safe without side effects. Right herbal medicine for example. When you encounter problems with femininity such as vaginal discharge, odor, itching, it is appropriate if you choose herbal products crystal x. While the User Right, make a distinction between the way use for women who are married or unmarried girls as recommended by the official distributor. And most importantly, Right Dose. How key set dose for the use of this product safe?

Dose Of Crystal X Usage

· For cure : 2 times a day on a regular basis approximately one month in a row and continuously. Discontinued use when positive for pregnancy, menstruation or childbirth.
(Note: if 2 times a day causes the female organs are too dry (not always the case, depending on the characteristics of each woman), the dose can be reduced to 1 times a day, still in regular use.

· For treatment: 1 times a day on a regular basis. Discontinued use when positive for pregnancy, parturition or menstruation.

Well, if it is explained in detail about the therapeutic dose of this product, but the user decided to make his own way so that the dose and cause things are not desirable, it is no longer the fault of the product but rather the fault of the user (human error).

Detailed explanations of the various aspects related to product safety crystal x, it can be 100% TRUE that the opinions of society x crystal product is safe for use. So, besides being able to transmit information to other people, let's try this product immediately so that any problems can be completelysolved. To obtain original and safe products can be through the contacts below.

Healthy greetings from Dyah NASA ....

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